MedDay – September 17, 2020


NEW YORK (CBS News)- Could wearing glasses impact your coronavirus risk and a new connection between contact sports and brain disease. Elise Preston has some of the day’s top health stories.

New research links chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE and some concerning sleep behaviors. Boston University School of Medicine analyzed the brains of nearly 250-athletes and found 32% of the athletes with CTE suffered sleep symptoms known as rem sleep behavior disorder. That’s when rem sleep paralysis does not happen and people act out their dreams by talking, punching and kicking.

Job insecurity is increasing and a new study shows men and women experience similar rates of anxiety about it. Italian researchers looked at data over 10 years. They say more programs are needed to address job insecurity and the mental health challenges from it.

And could wearing glasses affect your risk of getting COVID-19? New research in the Journal Jama Ophthalmology looked at 276 hospitalized coronavirus patients in China and found a very small portion of patients wore glasses. Researchers say their findings suggest people who wear glasses all day may be less susceptible to the virus..

Those are some of the day’s top health stories. Elise Preston, CBS News, New York.

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