MedDay – October 22, 2020


NEW YORK (CBS News)- In today’s medical headlines, how researchers use Google search trends to predict coronavirus outbreaks. Plus, why turkey dinners may help celiac patients. Michael George has those stories and more.

Eating foods like turkey, rich in tryptophan, may help patients with celiac disease. A study at McMaster University finds the amino acid combined with probiotics may help relieve symptoms and improve intestinal healing. Tryptophan is also found in chocolate, bananas and certain vegetables.

Researchers testing the drug actemra as a treatment for COVID-19 found it does not ease symptoms or prevent death. The medication is commonly prescribed for rheumatoid arthritis and earlier research suggested it might be an effective treatment for moderately ill, hospitalized COVID patients. The study in the New England Journal of Medicine found no benefit.

And researchers say they’ve found a way to predict new COVID-19 hot spots through analyzing Google web searches for coronavirus symptoms. A study at the Mayo Clinic says by using internet surveillance the team was able to identify outbreaks even before the first cases were reported.

Those are some of the day’s top health stories. Michael George CBS News, New York.

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