MedDay – May 11, 2021


NEW YORK, NY. — A new treatment for pancreatic cancer and why belly fat could make COVID more severe. Femi Redwood has a look at some of the day’s top health stories.

A new European study finds COVID patients with high fat around the waist are at increased risk of severe COVID and severe chest x-ray results. Doctors say hospitalized COVID patients with abdominal obesity should be monitored closely.

New research at Penn medicine finds a drug used to fight ovarian and prostate cancer may also help pancreatic cancer patients. More than two-thirds of pancreatic patients with a certain gene mutation saw their tumor shrink when given the drug, rucaparib. Doctors hope this therapy could become an option for pancreatic cancer patients instead of aggressive chemotherapy.

And new soft sensors are now in development to monitor pregnant women without cumbersome belts and wires. Researchers at northwestern and UNC-Chapel Hill have replaced the old technology with flexible, thin wireless sensors. The new devices can stream vital signs and other data straight to a doctor’s smartphone or tablet.

That’s a look at some of the day’s top health stories. Femi Redwood, CBS News, New York

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