MedDay – March 9, 2021


NEW YORK (CBS News) — How an eye problem can be evidence of a stroke, and how reliable is the government’s coronavirus symptom checker? Elise Preston takes a look at some of today’s top health stories.

The CDC’s online symptom checker for COVID-19 sometimes fails to pick up serious illness, according to a new study in the British Medical Journal. In simulated cases of severe COVID-19, bacterial pneumonia and sepsis, the checker advised the patient to stay home.

The American Heart Association is warning of a stroke that’s disguised as an eye problem. In a new scientific statement, the organization says central retinal artery occlusion occurs when blood flow is obstructed to the eye and causes immediate vision loss. The statement goes on to say it’s actually a stroke and could be indicative of underlying heart problems.

And a new study finds night shift workers are more vulnerable to DNA damage and their body’s natural DNA repair mechanisms are not repairing that damage. The research from Washington State University offers insight into why night shift workers have a higher cancer risk.

Those are some of today’s top health stories. Elise Preston, CBS News, New York.

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