MedDay – December 3, 2020


NEW YORK (CBS News) — Another reason to avoid red meat and will people actually take a COVID vaccine? Laura Podesta has a look at some of today’s top health stories.

It may take a lot of convincing to get people on board with a COVID-19 vaccine. That’s according to a new study from the Commonwealth fund that says in 2019 not enough adults received the flu vaccine to reach herd immunity. The vaccination rate was especially low in many states that have had higher COVID-19 counts.

Doctors should test for COVID-19 in children who present symptoms of heart failure. The American College of Cardiology reports a two-month-old who appeared to be choking and with blue-ish discoloration after eating later tested positive for the coronavirus. After receiving treatment the infant recovered with normal heart function.

And for those looking to improve their heart health. Replacing meat with plant-based foods could reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. The BMJ says roughly 43,000 men were studied over three decades. Those who substituted whole grains or dairy products for total red meat were less likely to experience heart problems.

Those are some of the days top health stories. Laura Podesta, CBS News, New York.

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