MedDay – April 21, 2021


NEW YORK, NY. — The sweet sound of a good night’s sleep and how simple oral hygiene could help reduce COVID-19 severity. Nancy Chen has some of the day’s top health stories.

Daily oral hygiene to reduce plaque buildup could help lessen the development of lung disease associated with severe COVID-19. That’s according to a study in the Journal of Oral Medicine and
Dental Research. Researchers found the virus can move directly from the mouth into the bloodstream, particularly in people with gum disease.

Frequent social media use may not meet the traditional definition of an addiction. Scottish researchers conducted an experiment and found participants who reported frequent use were no more likely to have their attention drawn to a social media app than less frequent users.

And a sonata can lead to better shuteye. An analysis in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found older adults who listened to music before hitting the hay had significantly better sleep quality than those who did not listen to music.

Those are some of the day’s top health stories. Nancy Chen, CBS News, New York.

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