SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– “I think yesterday’s raid and the amount of evidence that was found is a surprise to many people,” said Attorney General Josh Hawley, minutes after successfully securing a restraining order on six of yesterday’s thirteen raided massage parlors.

“Highway patrol conducted hundreds, literally hundreds of hours of surveillance on all 13 of the businesses we raided yesterday,” Hawley said.

In total Thursday, 13 businesses and five residences were raided. Friday six were faced with a restraining order by the AG but only one business was represented.

Two representatives and operators of Angel Massage Spa in Springfield participated in today’s hearing. One testified.

Now one of the two operators of Angel Massage Spa told a judge, under oath in the courtroom today, through an interpreter that she had, in fact, committed a sexual act in this building here. Though she said she felt guilty about what she did and knew it was against the law when she did it.

“We have confirmation of what we believed to be true and of our evidence so far,” Hawley said.

Thursday’s raid was one of four with simultaneous raids occurring in Arkansas, Alabama, and Louisiana– all aimed at the same human trafficking ring.

There is evidence of the movement of persons from East Asia to here and then out beyond,” said Hawley.

As for who is behind a possible ring of this size….

“Some evidence collected by Highway Patrol, leading up to these raids, suggested that there are potentially ties to Asian organized crime,” said Hawley.

Hawley says the quote “good number” of victims found in yesterday’s raids are now being helped.

Those victims are getting after care, they’ll be getting counseling and all of the help we can give them,” he said.

No word yet on what’s next for them.

“I don’t want to say too much more because they could still be in some danger,” said Hawley.