ST. LOUIS – Jeffrey Tod was expected to plead guilty during a plea hearing on Monday. Members of the victims’ family said they were called to court for what they were told by prosecutors would be a guilty plea for the murder of Deandre Lee Moore.

“I was expecting to see my brother’s killer today,” Toni Moore said, “so we can see his face. So we can actually ask him, ‘Why?’”

Disappointment turned to sobs after the alleged killer backed out of the agreement.

“All that we want is for justice to be served from all three families, not just my brother, but all three families,” Moore said.

Moore’s brother was one of three murders linked in this case.

Court records say all three men had recent phone or text contact with Tod. Evidence in the case includes DNA and ballistics testing.

More than a dozen family members were ready to face the defendant in court when they learned Tod, 56, changed his mind about pleading guilty.

“It’s another stab in the chest – a stab in the heart,” Moore said.

However, the families are hopeful this canceled plea deal will lead to murder convictions at a trial, now set for September.

“God is going to take care of everything and I truly believe that,” Moore said. “That he’s going to be the one to take care of everything for all these three families.”