BATESVILLE, Ark. — Deputies in Arkansas say a drug you can buy has killed a central Arkansas man who was celebrating the Super Bowl. One of the most banned drugs in the United States is still claiming lives.

Friends say Bryan Moore was with his best friend when he died. the young man was in a parking lot when deputies say he smoked synthetic marijuana and then his friend tried to get him help.

“17 years he’s been my best friend – since I was 12 years old man,” says Chris Nast.

A friendship cut short Super Bowl Sunday, after deputies say Moore, 28, took two puffs of synthetic marijuana then died.
“Still really hasn’t hit me I was the one who took him to the hospital”

The Independce County Sheriff’s Office says Moore was with Nast at the American Legion in Batesville.

Deputies say both men decided to smoke the manmade drug and Moore suffered a seizure.
“Posh K2 spice it has hundreds of different names”

The drug has been banned in Arkansas since 2010, but  is available for purchase from certain websites.

Deputies say they began cracking down on online synthetic marijuana sales when officials stopped all convenience stores from selling it.
Even gaining force for resistors.  “We got a warrant and arrest him”

In Moore’s case deputies say the drug was sold from a private dealer. “There are people selling it out of their vehicles and out of their homes just like dope”

“Man, I am still in shock over it. Wasn’t very old it doesn’t seem like he should be gone,” says Moore’s friend, Kyle Riley.

Friends now are left remembering the high school football player and father of two young girls.

“Bad things happen when you least expect it,” Nast says.  “Worst possible thing that could’ve happened to him did”

Deputies say Moore’s body has been sent to the state crime lab as part of the investigation.