SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Lor, a celebrated Greene County Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit dog, has passed away.

According to the GCSO, Lor’s name is short for Loris. The K-9 unit came to Greene County from Czechoslavakia in 2010 to join the sheriff’s office. Lor specialized in detecting narcotics and patrol apprehension. Lor went out on around 2,000 jobs for many governmental and law enforcement agencies during his career. He tracked missing children, lost adults, and violent suspects.

Lor could apprehend suspects on the run, despite taking hits himself on the job. Around children, he was known for his gentle nature. The dog spent thousands of hours in schools, local hospitals, and even at birthday parties.

The K-9 dog found fame on the Live PD television series, He found pleasure in opening a GCSO major’s refrigerator to steal food. He loved the snow and catching snowballs but refused to swim. After retirement, he became a loving pet. He was a very good boy.

Lor was 13 years and 9 months old when he passed away July 26. He will be laid to rest in a private ceremony during the upcoming weeks.