SPRINGFIELD, MO — Overnight storms caused damage to several parts of Springfield.

On Walnut and Barnes, trees are down and one has fallen on two separate houses from significant wind gusts. There is damage to other properties as well.

Some streets are being blocked by trees and other debris. Drivers are urged to find different routes and be careful while driving around debris.

Neighbors who are without power were out surveying the damage this morning with flashlights.

Home near Walnut and Barnes

“We had a pretty major tree fall on the roof. My phone’s weather alert woke me up and I looked out the bedroom window and in two seconds the wind was just insane. A gust picked up and we heard this huge tree – I don’t know if it’s half the tree or what, but it fell on the house. I don’t think we have any structural damage or anything, but definitely a huge piece of the tree fell on the house so it’s going to be a lot of clean up,” said Jonathan King.

We would like to warn anyone who plans on getting out on the streets in Springfield that large portions of the town are without power. The stoplights at Division and Glenstone are completely black. So please take your time and be careful.

This is a developing story.