SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The project aimed at re-vamping Lake Springfield and the area around it is moving forward.

“The goal is to position Lake Springfield as a central regional hub and recreational amenity that really lifts the whole area up.” Project Manager Olivia Hough said.

City leaders, along with City Utilities recently selected a consulting firm to help with planning.

“We think that there could be opportunities to really expand recreation and maybe have biking, walking water type recreation that we don’t currently have right here in the Springfield area,” Hough said.

Neighbors near the area seem to welcome the upcoming development.

“While it’s in our backyard, it’s far enough away that it won’t really be a nuisance or anything.” Brian Ash said.

Ash is with the Ravenwood South Homeowners Association.

“We do have some homeowners who back right up next to it, but for the majority of our homeowners, it’s just close enough that it’s a quick drive, that it’s not really right on top of us,” Ash added.

People at the park hope some features survive the upcoming changes.

“We like the natural setting and the hilltop pavilion and this little park area and just the views and everything.” Karen Rostine said. “We’d like that preserved even if they would go down close to the water and do some improvements on something there, that would be fine. But just preserve the wildlife and the greens and everything.”

As of now, the next step is community feedback.

“Community input on this project is extremely important. It’s important for us to hear from young people, people of all ages, backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses.” Hough said.

“We are pleasantly looking forward to good things It’s always good to get involved early in the process,” Ash said.

The project is expected to be completed by Summer 2024.