OZARK, Mo. – As numerous kids enjoyed a snow day on Thursday, many working parents had to find child care. 

In Ozark, about 35 kids attended a snow day program at the community center.

City of Ozark Recreation Supervisor, Hayden Ponsar, said as soon as area schools cancel class, The OC rolls into action.

“Our fitness classes, swim lessons and our kids zone is canceled, but we do offer a full day child care programs from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.,” Ponsar said.

Ponsar said it not only helps kids stay active on their day off, but it helps parents find a much needed place for their kids to go.

“Especially here after the holidays, they need to be able to to know that they have an income, but they also need a safe and reliable place for their child to be during the day, so they can work,” Ponsar said.

Snow day program attendee, Lily, said it helps her family make it all work. 

“It usually helps my dad out because they have an early drop off time and he has to get to his work early, and my mom she’s usually on trips so she can’t really take us places much when she’s at work,” Lily said. “It just really helps my parents out.”

Ponsar said they’ve made it a priority to expand their program in the past years as lots of childcare places are maxed out. 

“My philosophy is, I hate waitlists,” Ponsar said. “I want to be able to provide for everyone. Luckily, we have a really great staff team who steps up. Like I said, they’re kind of on-call. I had more texts from staff saying, ‘Hey, do you need me today,?’ more than anything else, which was really amazing to see high school and college age kiddos stepping up in our community to help out even further.”

He said the snow day program costs $25 and is open to all kids K-6 grade.