BENTON COUNTY, Mo. — What started as a non-profit in Benton County has ended with over 100 dead dogs being uncovered.

Earlier this month, a man named Steven Woodington was arrested in Texas for animal cruelty after approximately 278 dogs were found on his property by police.

Woodington’s wife, Tiffany, was running a similar operation called “All Accounted For” in Benton County.

Tiffany Woodington, 49, was keeping dogs in three different locations, some of the dogs were from Texas.

Benton County Sheriff Eric Knox says a deputy and an animal cruelty task force member for the Humane Society searched the three locations finding 38 dogs and a cat alive but in bad condition.

“We quickly realized that there was two or three animals in some of the kennels that had become one if you will,” Knox said. “With the decay, They estimate upwards of 120 animals that were deceased.”

At one of the locations in Cole Camp, authorities discovered what they believed to be around 120 dead dogs on that property between a house, shed, and an old school bus.

Sheriff Knox said deputies found kennels stacked three to five high and all that was left in some were dog collars and bones, which increased the estimated number of deaths.

Tiffany Woodington faces 10 counts of felony animal abuse.

Knox says of the 38 animals rescued, a couple of them had to be euthanized due to their condition.

The surviving animals are being cared for at the Missouri Humane Society with the goal of being rehabbed and then rehomed or reunited with their original owners.