SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Springfield Police arrest criminals all year round.

But when the illegal acts involve money, what happens to that cash?

Money recovered in federal cases goes to the federal government. Money recovered in state cases goes into the education system.

In these federal cases, local police can submit a request of how much the department wants and what it will spend the money on and if it’s approved, they’ll get a portion of the money.

“The bulk of that usually goes towards training and education for officers and supervisors that we’re not able to fund out of our regular budget,” Springfield Police Chief Paul Williams said. “We try to use it in a wide variety of things.”

According to a report of last year’s funds and what they went towards, training is one of the Springfield Police Department’s top priorities.

“Being able to provide advanced level training for my executive officers to send them places and get that advanced level training would not be possible without the funding that this provides,” Williams said.