SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Wordle is a word puzzle web-based game that has skyrocketed in popularity throughout the internet.

Players attempt to guess a five-letter word in six attempts. Colored letters give feedback and clues to which letters are correct and where they are located in the five available spaces.

The mechanics of the game is similar to the board game, Mastermind, where a player tries to determine what color pattern another player has created. The difference is that Wordle specifies which letters are correct.

Here’s my attempt with no spoilers for today (1/27/22):

The game can only be played once a day with the same word for everyone. A new word is generated at midnight.

Players are encouraged to share their results on social media.

Wordle was created by Josh Wardle, a programmer and software engineer. According to a New York Times article by Danel Victor, Wordle is a Love Story, Wardle created the game for his partner who loved word games, so he created a guessing game just for the two of them. Wardle named the game Wordle as a play on his last name.

After a few months of playing together, the couple shared the game with their family and it quickly grew into an obsession, according to Victor. Wardle made the game public in October 2021.

Once Wardle integrated the ability to copy their daily results, the game gained a large amount of popularity.

By January 2022, more than 300,000 people played the game.

Want to give Wordle a shot? Here’s a link.