SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A four-year-old Maine Coon named Boris Karloff showed up on the campus of Missouri State University today, Sept. 2.

Karloff is a therapy animal that helps people deal with stress. He visited MSU’s Meyer Library to meet students from 9-11 a.m. The large black cat had a calm nature, green eyes, and polydactyl front paws.

“We just walk around and visit,” said Sue Branham, Boris’s owner. “We know people miss their animals.”

Branham said she had Maine Coon cats years ago that passed from old age. She wanted to go back to raising the cats because she liked them so much.

Love on a Leash is a national therapy pet organization that helps train animals for the job. Boris went through the program and now helps others he meets.

“It’s just kind of a healing type thing, I think,” Branham said about Boris’s effect on humans. ” … I think it’s just a connection animals have with us. Everybody could use a little love.”

Boris Karloff is named after the famed actor of the same name who played Frankenstein’s monster. Boris (the cat) has a brother at home named Bela Lugosi, named after the actor who played Dracula.