WALNUT GROVE, Mo, – Walnut Grove school district will vote on a new tax levy intended to fund repairs to the district’s elementary school building.

The elementary school was built in 1951 and the district’s superintendent says the building, along with others in the district, is in serious need of repair.

According to the school’s maintenance director, the roof has had water damage and needs replaced. The superintendent also noted that there is mold in some areas and there are leaks in the roof of almost every classroom.

However, many community members do not feel that the 79 cent levy is warranted and worry it could cost local farmers thousands during its twenty-year duration. According to local landowners, the price is too high and the district has failed to effectively communicate the need for these repairs.

The community will vote on August 3rd, but regardless of the outcome, the Walnut Grove students will return to school in the fall without the repairs made to the building.