ASH GROVE, Mo.- The Greene County Sheriff’s Office has released the name of a man who was found dead in Ash Grove Sunday evening.

According to a press release from GCSO, 47-year-old Cory Estey of Walnut Grove was found dead at a home on N. Farm Road 43.

Deputies have arrested a male suspect in connection to the incident. That man, Lakota Gilbert Tucker, also from Walnut Grove, has now been charged with second-degree murder, armed criminal action, and unlawful use of a weapon.

Bond for Tucker has been set for $50,000.

According to a Probable Cause statement from the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, someone called authorities in reference to someone trespassing on the property. Estey was at the location attempting to contact the trespasser.

Moments later another male had been shot at that location. When deputies arrived, they found Estey in the backyard with a gunshot wound to the head.

Court documents say later that night, Tucker arrived at the location and told deputies he shot Estey.

After being detained, Tucker told investigators he went to that location to retrieve some belongings of his mother’s. Tucker told police his mother lived at the home until she died in April 2021. Tucker said he hadn’t lived at that home since 2019, but had permission to collect his mother’s things.

According to court documents, Tucker put a dining room table in his truck then proceeded to drive down a field on the property to retrieve a deer stand. Tucker fired a few shots from an AK-47 rifle at the stand in an attempt to break the chain that secured it to the tree. Tucker then made his way back to the home.

The PC statement says when Tucker got to the home, a man started power walking towards him. That man was Estey. Estey asked Tucker what he was doing and Tucker tried to tell him he thought he had a right to be there to collect personal property.

Estey told Tucker to get out of his vehicle and that law enforcement was on the way. After an argument, Tucker told Estey he was going to leave, Estey then accused Tucker of theft.

Tucker told police he was driving off the property and grabbed his rifle and fired two rounds out his passenger window not aiming directly at Estey but in his general direction. During this time, Tucker could hear Estey yelling and threatening to grab his gun while still chasing Tucker.

Tucker told investigators he didn’t intend to kill Estey, just to scare him so he could get away from Estey.

Towards the end of his interview with investigators, Tucker got upset and started crying and saying the situation could’ve been handled a lot differently. Tucker said in his interview that Estey was scaring the “beep” out of him by the way he was acting.

Authorities also interviewed Estey’s fiance. She told investigators Estey and her were at the river near the home when they heard some shots and got concerned because Estey had some tools stored on the property.