A two-year-old boy from Ozark is making remarkable progress after suffering complications from inhaling a rock. 

Caleb and Savannah Slater said their son, Ryker, inhaled the rock a little more than two weeks ago while at daycare.

The rock, they said, settled above Ryker’s right lung.

“They said that his heart stopped for four minutes and they were doing CPR in the field,” said Caleb. “Then they were able to get him back. They transported him to the hospital, where when we were at the hospital, his heart stopped again, this time for eight minutes. They were able to get him back again, thankfully.”

After going to the hospital in St. Louis, doctors were unsure if Ryker was going to live or if he was ever going to come off a ventilator. 

Now, they said doctors are optimistic about a full recovery.

“He’s been using his voice more, so he’s been saying the animal noises,” said Ryker’s parents. “Just earlier today he was telling us what the cow says, what the doggy says, what the lion says. They said they can’t believe every day he goes to therapy and he’s doing three new things he wasn’t doing the day before, and the new things he was doing from the day before, he’s doing even better.”

Doctors said the biggest concern now is his vision and Ryker making sense of what he sees, but that healing process takes a little more time.

Caleb and Savannah said they want to thank everyone who has been supporting Ryker along the way. 

“I firmly believe that we have seen the speed of this recovery because of all the people, all the people who are raising his name up,” said Caleb.

They expect to be in the hospital for around four more weeks.