BRANSON, Mo. — Branson Police are searching for alleged suspect/suspects involved in the shooting leaving two people dead on Memorial Day Weekend.

The victims, Krystle Buhl and Richard McMahan, were both servers at Famous Dave’s Barbecue, now a small memorial sits for them in the parking lot where they were both shot and killed.

Police are asking anyone to come forward if they have information on the case.

“We’ve been following up on a lot of leads,” said Officer Darold Donathan, with the Branson Police Department. “We’ve got a lot of information that’s already poured in since the beginning of this investigation, but the more we have, the better the case is.”

Famous Dave’s Barbecue on the strip said it will be closed through Wednesday, June 2, to allow themselves time to process and grieve the loss of Buhl, a 38-year-old mother and wife from Forsyth, and McMahan, a 39-year-old father and grandfather from Merriam Woods.

We’ve been working with families as well as the folks at the restaurant just to offer whatever resources we may have to help them through this difficult time,” said Donathan.

According to the Branson Police Department, this is the first city homicide investigation since 2016.

“We’re fortunate here,” said Donathan. “We don’t have these kind of larger scale crimes.”

It was only three days prior to the shooting, on May 26, when a male suspect robbed a lady for her purse at gunpoint near a parking garage in Downtown Branson.

The Branson Police are currently investigating that case as well but said there is no present danger to the community.

“Right now we don’t believe that there’s any ongoing threat to the public in our area,” said Donathan.

McMahan was also the uncle to one of the 18-year-old men who went missing on May 25 in Forsyth.