SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — July is Smart Irrigation Month, and that means there’s no better time to practice eco- and lawn-friendly watering habits.

Horticulture Field Specialist Robert Balek from the University of Missouri Extension said that there are a few smart water practices that people can do to preserve water and even improve the health of their lawns.

Balek said that Springfield’s lawns need about 1-1.5 inches of water per week. A good way to measure how much water someone is giving their lawn is to place a can near the water sprinklers. Once the can fills with an inch or so of water, the sprinkler can be turned off. If the water is running on the lawn and spilling onto the curb, the lawn has probably had enough.

People who are watering their lawn multiple times a week are probably watering too much, Balek said.

“Water deeply, but not often,” Balek said, adding that if people are watering more than once or twice a week, they are watering too much.

He added that people should be watering their lawn in the morning, rather than waiting until the evening.

For best results from lawn-watering in hot weather, people should let their grass grow out. He suggested raising lawnmowers 4-4.5 inches from the ground to keep grass cooler in the heat.

About 10.5% of Greene County is suffering from a moderate drought, according to Drought.gov. The rest of the county is in the middle of “abnormally dry” weather.