SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – After a long journey, finally the new Thai Express on West Republic Road has come.

The new location is at 2113 West Republic Road near Price Cutter. The building is right next to the Republic Plaza sign and was once a Pita Pit.

The doors opened at 11:00 a.m. with a line waiting to get in and a line for the drive-thru.

The Thai Express crew did a final huddle before opening their doors.

Owner Patrick Nett Jr. shook the hands of all of the customers walking through the door.

We cannot thank you enough for the support. It’s overwhelming. It always feels like no matter… when we mess up or something messes up on our end… we get delayed or something like that, the community is always there to support us. We’re beyond grateful for all of them.

Christian Inmon, Restaurant Manager

Nett Jr. tried to announce the opening of the new location in October of 2021, but due to delays with Springfield permits, inspections, and changes in protocol the date had to be pushed later.

“It kept happening over and over again,” said manager James Tran earlier this year. “Every time we had a good idea of when (they can open) another problem pops up. We don’t want to rush it. We want to do it right.”

On April 8th, Thai Express cleaned out their kitchen, selling out everything they had and even giving away Thai teas and appetizers. Eventually, the line that extended out into the road and the one-hour wait came to an end as the staff closed the doors to the Glenstone location for the last time.

Earlier this week, two days before the grand opening, the restaurant did a soft open.

“It was a good opportunity for us to kind of see the flaws and the kinks in the system so we can get them hopefully hashed out for today. It was a good learning opportunity for us. We were excited to do it.” says Inmon.