It’s an honor that very few high schoolers will ever receive, the chance to perform in Carnegie Hall.  Not one, but two local schools have been invited to perform. 

The Marshfield High School Wind Ensemble and the Berryville High School Choir will be making the trip to New York city. 

Marshfield students have been planning for their upcoming trip to New York for almost a year now.  Daniel Wyman, the Director of Bands at Marshfield High School, was able to give his students the exciting news at the end of last school year.

“I had a teacher say ‘What did you do?  Because I have kids in my room just shaking their so excited,’” laughs Wyman.

It was a day senior clarinet player Aimsley Devoto remembers well, “Excitement!  Everybody was screaming.”

43 students will be making the trip in mid-April.  They will perform four songs on April 15th

“Words can’t describe how proud we are,” says Wyman, “I can’t think of a better deserving group of young adults to perform at this place.  It’s going to be a really special event.”

Berryville High School Choir will be singing at Carnegie Hall on June 26th.  Choir Director Benjamin Winn was approached by Dr. Mason from University of Arkansas Little Rock. 

It was a conversation Winn did see coming, “She said, ‘I’ve heard great things about Berryville, would you guys like to come along with us?’ Which floored me for being such a small town of 5,000.”

Senior Nathan Edwards says the choir has been hard at work, “Since we’ve run through our music a lot, I think people realize how big this is.  This is sometimes a once in a lifetime thing to do.”

Both Edwards and Devoto are looking forward to sightseeing around the Big Apple.