SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A young child is hurt after an SUV crashed into a building in South Springfield Wednesday morning

The SUV crashed through the window of the Great Clips on South Campbell Avenue near Walnut Lawn Street. Police said the woman who was driving the SUV was pulling into the parking spot in front of Great Clips when it happened. Investigators are still trying to determine exactly what happened to cause the driver’s foot to hit the gas instead of the brake.

“We were cutting hair and the next thing we heard was a loud crash that came in…the car came in through the window,” said Laura Arnett, the manager of the Great Clips on South Campbell.

Sergeant Steve Ramey with Springfield Police said the child who was hurt was not hit by the car but was cut by glass fragments that flew as a result of the crash. That child was taken to the hospital to be checked out, but Ramey said the child’s injuries did not appear to be serious.

Arnett said the child’s mother was getting her hair cut when the SUV crashed into the salon. Arnett said she rushed to the front of the store where the child was sitting, and the child crawled out from under the vehicle.

There was a passenger in the vehicle along with the driver. Neither of them was hurt.

Sergeant Ramey said just a few months ago, a similar incident happened at the Papa John’s in the same shopping center on South Campbell. In that case, the driver’s foot slipped and no one was hurt.

“Speaking to other traffic officers, this happens all around the city,” Ramey said. “People just, they just get confused or like I said their foot slips off the brake, you know, and they just go into the building.”

Arnett said this has happened to their salon at least four times. The salon will be closed until repairs can be made to make sure the building is structurally sound.

“I feel like we need to get concrete barriers up here so no one gets killed. We were lucky this time,” she said.

If any barriers were to be put up in front of the stores, it would be up to the property owner to do so. Ramey said the city nor the police department has jurisdiction over that area since it’s private property.