SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– Authorities responded to a fire on the corner of Kearney and Glenstone Thursday evening.

The fire is believed to have been manually set. The building has had several different fires put out in the last several weeks.

There’s no electrical in the building as it’s been abandoned, but the Springfield Fire Department still said it’s dangerous.

“On arrival we had heavy black smoke coming from the building and it was moving across Glenstone, causing a traffic problem, too,” Springfield Fire Chief Kelly Ash said.

Springfield Inn is a building division the fire department knows well. Because of the abandoned nature of the building, Ash said it’s a tough building to deal with.

“Our biggest concern on arrival is the firefighter safety. there’s holes in the floor, the structure is unstable,” Ash said. “The concrete walkways are very unstable and they could fall and crush firefighters.”

Crews fought the fire from outside in order to keep everyone safe.

Ash said 25 firefighters showed up to put out the flames. Southbound Glenstone was closed while crews were working.

The structure on fire is at the Springfield Inn, a vacant property planned to be demolished to make room for a new Whataburger.

“Fencing went up last week that was supposed to discourage uninvited guests,” Ash said. “I don’t think they kept everybody out.”

The remaining structure is planned to be entirely torn down in the next several days.