SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Concerns over diversity and inclusion training among staff with Springfield Public Schools prompted a rally outside a school board meeting Tuesday.

Those attending the rally say they denounce the staff training claiming it contained ideals from critical race theory. The Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education says critical race theory is a way of understanding institutional inequality that can oppress certain minority groups.

Calvin Morrow, anti-critical race theory rally organizer, shared his concerns with Ozarks First at the rally.

“We are denouncing that Critical Race Theory is being pushed onto the teachers of Springfield, with the agenda, of course, to pass it onto the kids. And some of that, in various ways- in smaller ways, have been going on already. But The Critical Race Theory is a very concentrated form of indoctrination, if you would, into this idea that we’re so different,” said Morrow. “And by being so different, that some of those people have more advantage than others and they are oppressors. So if you’re protestant, your part of the oppressors. If you’re white, you’re part of the oppressors. If you’re heterosexual, you’re part of the oppressor group.”