SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The city of Springfield and developers are gearing up for the next phase of the Grant Avenue Parkway Project. Once the plan is complete, the street through central Springfield will be transformed, but developers want to know what residents would like to see.

Right now, there are mostly a lot of homes down the stretch of Grant Avenue. developers said they hope to enhance the area for growth.

“Most of the structures other than homes have been there longer than I have lived here, and I’ve been here since 83,” said Andy Wright, a Springfield resident. “So very little new development has occurred along that corridor in years and years.”

Wright said he rents homes out near Hawthorn Park and wants the area to see more people moving in to stay.

“If you don’t invest money in the area and keep it up and do new things, it’s going to deteriorate,” said Wright.

Crews will build a bike path from Sunshine to College Street. The path will connect Downtown Springfield to Wonders of Wildlife while also mimicking a park-like feel with trees and lighting.

“They ought to have places where a person if they’re walking through, they’re riding a bike or anything where they can get refreshments of some sort,” said John Cromer, a homeowner on Grant Avenue.

Even with the potential of more traffic, Cromer said it would be worth it to see the area grow. The city is also planning construction on a roundabout at Parkview High School early in May 2021.