SPRINGFIELD, Mo – A Springfield photographer is bringing back a classic portrait style from the 80s.

Destiny Munholland is the owner of Prism Haven Photography. Though she usually specializes in family and boudoir photos, Munholland decided to offer a different style. Glamour.

“I was looking at some old school 70s, you know how they used to do the kind of faded image in the background and then just the couple and them doing very awkward posing that is not very natural, but its kind of funny,” says Munholland. Her first attempts at glamour were with her husband and their cat.

She put out a post on social media to see if anyone was interested in doing a photo session. It didn’t take long before her weekends were filled with photo sessions with couples and pets.

“I do think that a lot of people in Springfield aren’t offering this kind of thing. So for me to be able to do that and for people to see how unique photography, especially modern photography can become and really just mirror the old style, but in a new type of modern way. I think it’s really great for people to be exposed to that and I’m happy to be doing something like that.”

Here are some examples of her work: