SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Convoy of Hope, a nonprofit organization based in Springfield, announced Friday that the Salvation Army donated $1 million to fund its efforts to feed Ukrainians affected by the war. The donation will help Convoy of Hope send over 50 million meals to people in Ukraine.

“The Salvation Army has such a rich history of helping people, giving hope to people who need hope,” said Ethan Forhetz, a spokesperson for Convoy of Hope. “That’s exactly what Convoy of Hope does, so it’s just a great melding of these two organizations working together to bring as much hope — as much help — as possible to the people of Ukraine.”

Forhetz said that Convoy of Hope already has a presence in Ukraine and has been helping feed citizens during the war. He said that the Salvation Army’s donation will be used to purchase food supplies, transport the supplies to Poland and Ukraine, and pay for administrative costs. The supplies will be shipped to a warehouse Convoy of Hope operates from in Poland before placed on unmarked trucks and taken across the Ukrainian border.

“Our people have been safe,” Forhetz said. “We’ve taken great measures to reduce the risk as much as possible. You can’t get rid of the risk because just today we saw a shopping center had been bombed. So, the risk is there, but we do all we can to mitigate that risk and get the supple to the people who desperately need it.”

Convoy of Hope’s goal is to feed people in need around the world. The faith-based nonprofit is headquartered in Springfield.