SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – 66-year-old Lilburn Motley told officers he knew he had made a mistake Monday afternoon when they arrived at the scene of a shooting at his home in Northwest Springfield, according to police.

Motley’s long-term, on-again-off-again partner, 61-year-old Lavonna Haddock, was pronounced dead at the scene from a gunshot wound.

The Springfield Police Department requested a warrant and took Motley into custody. On Tuesday, December 7th, Motley was charged with 1st-degree murder, armed criminal action, and unlawful possession of a firearm.

According to the probable cause statement, Motley initially told investigators that he had reassembled and loaded his gun after cleaning it and was beginning to put it away under his pillow when he accidentally pulled the trigger and hit Haddock.

The couple’s son-in-law claimed he heard a gunshot and looked over to where they were sitting and arguing on the couches to see Motley holding his gun under a pillow and Haddock slumped over lifeless. The son-in-law then checked Haddock for a pulse and left the house, calling 911.

When officers arrived on the scene, they found Haddock with a gunshot wound and pronounced her dead on the scene. Officers then spoke with Motley, who told officers he could only raise one hand because of his disability. Motley explained that he had been in a relationship with Haddock for 37 years, but they had never officially gotten married.

Motley claimed he did not know that the gun was loaded when it went off, according to police. He said he and Haddock had been arguing and that he was angry with her because while he always let her watch whatever she wanted on TV, she never let him watch what he wanted.

Court documents show Motley said Haddock was always “running her mouth,” and that had made him mad.

The officer interviewing Motley asked him about his claim that he was unaware that his gun was loaded when he had previously described cleaning, reassembling, and then loading his gun before placing it under his pillow. Motley replied, “Case closed on that one,” according to the probable cause statement.

The officer interviewing Motley then told him that he had not found evidence of the gun being cleaned recently. The officer also mentioned that the bullet trajectory did not match the position Motley had said the gun was in. The probable cause statement says that Motley replied, “I just shot her to shut her up, then.”

During his arrest, the officer had smelled intoxicating liquid on Motley and asked him about it during the interview. Motley said he had drunk about ten airplane-sized bottles and a couple of beers that day, according to court documents.

Police say When asked what he wanted Haddock to “shut up” about, Motley motioned to his mouth. Motley elaborated when prompted and said Haddock “Mouths all the time.” The interviewer asked what made that day different. Motley replied that he was tired. When asked what he was tired of, he replied, “Her mouth.”

When asked what she was “mouthing” about that day, Motley said, “Everything.”

Investigators played a recording of Motley alone in the interview room. While alone, officers say Motley made a statement to himself indicating that he had warned Haddock before shooting her.

The Springfield Police Department is still investigating the incident, and Motley is currently being held without bail.