SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- Springfield health and hospital leaders held a press conference Friday afternoon to renew the City’s call for a statewide masking mandate.

Officials also stressed the importance of following the current guidelines of the City’s Road to Recovery order.

During the press conference, Mayor Ken McClure said that guidelines are fine, but people are not following them.

 “Guidelines are fine, but unfortunately many do not follow guidelines and when that happens, people are hurt,” said McClure.

McClure gave reminders about the current rules of the City of Springfield Road to Recovery.

Dr. Shawn Usery with CoxHealth said that cases and hospitalizations have been increasing every day since Monday and he expects a dramatic increase in the coming days and weeks.

A registered nurse from Mercy, Wanda Brown, shared what life is like as a nurse serving in COVID units.

I know these are questions that my coworkers ask constantly, we’ve already shifted 3 of our units and our ICU from taking our normally acutely ill patients previously so we can care for our Covid patients. We’re running out of room. Not only for Our Covid patients but our acute patients as well. So we ask again: where will these patients go, and who will care for them? I know we have all heard statements about how hospitals are not overwhelmed, and our ICU’s are not full, but this is untrue and it is misleading and I think it provides a false sense of security for our community. It’s not representing where our community really is. The reality is our beds cannot be occupied without staff to care for those patients, and the beds that are available are full.

-Wanda Brown