SPRINGFIELD, Mo – A Springfield drummer was asked to join a panel for disabled drummers in a worldwide drumming convention.

Darren Williams Jr. has cerebral palsy, but that doesn’t stop him from playing the drums. Williams has played all over the country and has played in multiple bands in the Ozarks.

Recently, The Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC) contacted Williams to join the panel. PASIC is an annual event that features drumming artists, students, and educators. A spokesperson for the convention was looking for disabled drummers to speak and share their experiences with an audience.

However, due to the pandemic, Williams had no money to make the trip to Indianapolis, where the convention is held.

Williams asked his fans, family, and friends for help through money exchange programs like Venmo and Cash App. He believed $2000 would be enough to cover the costs of the trip.

Within 10 days, donations poured into his account, and approximately $1,800 was raised for Williams’ trip to Indianapolis.

“I feel like everybody else that has been watching me over the years has seen this, caught the vision of, that loves what is gonna be happening, and what I’m going to be doing,” said Williams. “And I feel like almost they want me to get out there and do it, I don’t want to say as bad as I do, but almost as bad as I do.”

He hopes to gain the remaining $200 amount and says if there is more money donated than that, he would donate the remaining amount to a charity.

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