SPRINGFIELD — The cold didn’t keep people from both sides of the issue from coming out and voicing their opinions on whether or not
President Donald Trump should be impeached.

If you drove through the intersection of Glenstone and Battlefield, around 5:30 Tuesday night, you likely saw a rally organized by those who support the impeachment of President Trump.

KOLR10 heard from with supporters on both sides of the issue.

Shannon Wright supports impeachment, and says she believes the President broke the law.

“The President is going to be impeached. People need to understand that part is fact. He also really does need to be removed from office. He has abused his power. He has requested interference from a foreign power into our elections which is illegal,” Wright says.

The only opposer of impeachment willing to talk to KOLR10 on camera at the rally, was Nick Helm.

Helm believes President Trump has done nothing wrong when it comes to involvement in Ukraine.

“There’s three branches of government and he’s the head of the executive branch, so he can do what he wants at the head of the executive branch, and they’ll bring it up in the Congress – in the Senate. That’s how our government works,” says Helm.

One of the articles of impeachment, obstruction of congress, was discussed as well among those at the rally.

Local history professor Michael Verney says he would like to see the Senate trial include key White House officials close to the Ukraine situation, who the President allegedly kept from testifying in the House hearings.

“I am hoping that Senators will take their role as jurors very seriously. I’m hoping that they will come to the conclusion that if the President has nothing to hide, then he should let some of his senior staff show up, testify, and be witnesses in this trial,” Verney says.

Helm however, says regardless of who testifies, no matter how close they were to the situation, he doesn’t see hard evidence that the President committed a crime.

“If they had all this evidence he wouldn’t have made it to the nomination, if they had all of this evidence he wouldn’t have made it to President. Now, here we are. They have nothing except to call for impeachment. We’ll see what the evidence is, I want to see both sides represented,” Helm says.

KOLR10’s Jesse Inman also spoke to Missouri Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO), about his thoughts on impeachment.

That interview is just under 9 minutes long, and you can find it here.