SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– The Springfield Cardinals are preparing for their home opener next month.

It comes at a time when Major League Baseball is still in a lockout, just announcing Tuesday the first two series of the major league season are canceled.

Locally, baseball fans are glad it’s not impacting catching games in Springfield.

“We’re going to have a season here,” said Cardinals fan, Danny McMillen. “These tickets are good.”

Management with the Springfield Cardinals said they are hopeful all fans realize games are still on.

“Right now, the situation is very unfortunate for all fans,” said Dan Reiter, Vice President and General Manager of the Springfield Cardinals. “I don’t think anyone wants to be in that situation, but right now we’re staying hyper-focused on what happens in Springfield. The minor league season is a go.”

Reiter said with everything going on right now in baseball, they need fans to come out in full force.

“Major League Baseball has acknowledged, Minor League Baseball is going to be extremely important this year,” said Reiter. “Both as a way to engage with fans, and to kind of keep players on the field and keep them growing. That’s part of why we exist is to help the future Major League Baseball players.”

The Cardinals held a Sip-and-Learn membership meeting Wednesday night with dedicated fans.

“I’ve always been a Cardinals fan,” said McMillen. “We probably hit between 10 and 20 games a season here. It’s lovely to be able to come here and watch the young guys come up.”

Reiter said as their first game approaches, the team is getting ready.

“We are so excited to be starting on time on a normal year, no capacity restrictions,” said Reiter. “This will be the first time since 2019 that we’ve got to start a season on time and normal.”

The home opener at Hammons Field is scheduled for April 8.