The general manager of the Springfield Cardinals says he’s upset after a series of burglaries at Hammons Field.

“To kind of have these, you know, young punks kind of come in and kind of create vandalism the way that they have. It’s frustrating.” Reiter said. “As opposed to spending our time to make the stadium fun and exciting. We’re having to clean up after them”

Springfield Police are still looking to find four suspects they believe are responsible for the break-ins at the ballpark.

Stealing isn’t the only issue, however. Reiter says the damage done to the park is worse than the theft.

“No one wants have anything stolen from their business. But, you know, for us, this is about property damage and vandalism.” Reiter said. “They’re, you know, doing upwards of $10,000 in property damage.”

According to the Springfield crime map, the most recent incident at Hammons Field was July 8 around midnight.

Reiter says these break-ins have become slowly more normal since April and May.

“We just kind of have to almost keep our heads on a swivel at all times.” Reiter said.

The GM hopes to find those responsible, not just for Hammons Field but for other businesses downtown.

“If anyone in the community recognizes any of these kids we hope they’ll let the police department know so that we can do everything in our power to stop them.” Reiter said. “We take it very seriously. We do want to prosecute to the fullest extent that we can.”

Police say if you have any tips about the suspects they’re looking for, call 417-864-1810