SPRINGFIELD, Mo. On this day a year ago, April 20, 2021, the Ozarks saw snow! This was the last snow of the winter season of 2020/2021. Rain and sleet moved into the area in the morning. By noon the change over to heavy snow occurred in Springfield. The snow didn’t stick around long as it melted by 6:30 pm.

Springfield received 2.4 inches of snow.

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This day had a record low high of 43 degrees. On the morning of April 21, the coldest low for Springfield was recorded for how late it was, which was set at 26 degrees. Luckily within just a week, temperatures were back near average in the low 80s.

This year the Ozarks are experiencing rain, storms, and small hail. This evening there could be a few strong to severe storms. Temperatures will rebound to the 80s by the end of this week, with very heavy rain expected Sunday.