SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The United States Postal Service (USPS) unveiled a new service that allows small businesses to skip the processing step when mailing packages and have them sent to their customers within the same day or next.

The service is called USPS Connect.

First, you will go online to USPSconnect.com, fill out all of the details, and create a service agreement.

Second, print your labels, pay for postage, and get a tracking number.

Third, Bring your prepaid, labeled packages to any of the three locations in Springfield now available with service before 7 a.m. and your package will be delivered the same day. Or drop off your package 30 minutes before the dock closes for next-day delivery.

“We’ll send them right out with the courier that day. You’ll get them delivered that day. You’ll get full tracking capability. You can kick back and relax at home and enjoy your success with the USPS Connect.” says Strategic Communications Specialist for the USPS, Mark Inglett.

USPS Connect’s multiple options and services.

Springfield has three locations with this service:

  • 1442 S Glenstone Ave.
  • 3951 S. Campbell Ave.
  • 1919 W Bennett St.

“So it’s going to help those small businesses grow and we’re super excited to do anything we can. This is just another component of our delivery for America plan created by our postmaster general, Louis Dejoy. And it’s just an exciting component as far as gauging employees, new machines, we’ve done some hiring, we’ve done a lot of really positive things and we’re super excited about this program.” says Inglett.