LEBANON, Mo. — A young woman was a victim of homicide over Easter weekend.

Megan Bailey Nicol Glasser, 21, died on Saturday, April 16, according to authorities. Glasser had been shot in a mobile home in the 28000 block of Sassafras Road. Police have one suspect in custody and that suspect lived at the residence with Glasser.

Glasser’s family released the following statement:

“Megan was fun, caring, big hearted women. She had love for anyone and everyone. She was a wonderful mother to her son who was absolutely crazy about her, she was to full of life and was in the process of getting out. Domestic Violence is real, get out seek help and commit to it, your life just may depend on it. We all love you Megan and you will live on through all of us and through your beautiful baby boy.”

Kari White (foster sister/cousin)

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