SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The Salvation Army of Springfield received a donation of 100 fans. Customers from the Springfield area generously donated $1,554, which will help to purchase 117 box fans to help fellow citizens to beat the heat.

Box fans can come in handy to cool an apartment or room down. One method to use them is to place the box fan in the window with the wind propelling into the room. This will help pull cooler air from outside into the room.

The second-way box fans can be helpful is by placing them into the window and propel the air outside. This will pull the hot air from inside the house out.

“It’s truly an honor to sponsor this program every year, and it’s heartening to see such generosity from our customers, “Andy Schmitt, vice president and COO of Westlake Ace Hardware. “It’s great knowing The Salvation Army can impact thousands of lives with the money raised from the fan drive.”

Westlake ACE Hardware asked customers to donate by rounding up on their purchase at the register: which added up to $110,000 nationwide!

For more information about eligibility to receive a fan, contact your local Salvation Army office at (417)-862-5509 ext 108.