OZARK, Mo. – Blake Doennig, the man accused of shooting at another vehicle in a “road rage” incident in December 2020, pleaded guilty on October 28.

Doennig pleaded guilty to first-degree assault, armed criminal action, first-degree property damage, and shooting a firearm at a motor vehicle. He had two other assault and armed criminal action charges that were dropped.

Doennig will be sentenced on January 6, 2022.

A woman told police, in 2020, she saw a black Chevrolet HRR accelerating quickly towards her as she turned into an intersection. She told investigators she abruptly stopped her car to avoid a collision, and the Chevrolet eventually slowed down before reaching her. She honked at the vehicle and continued driving.

According to court documents, the woman said she went to a Wendy’s drive-thru, and while waiting in line, noticed the vehicle had turned around and followed her and her family (in the car).

At this time, the document states she became alarmed as the vehicle approached her, and she left the drive-thru line while calling 911. The car continued to follow her through the parking lot.

The woman explained she was concerned for her family and made several turns on nearby streets. She said the vehicle was stuck in traffic briefly before catching up and accelerating behind her.

Court records say the woman heard a loud pop right before her back window shattered. She said she knew a bullet had struck her vehicle, and continued to activate her hazard lights, and drove into the center turn lane, passing several other vehicles.

Upon inspection of the vehicle, Ozark Police officers found a small hole in the back windshield, another small hole in the back of the driver’s headrest, and a small tear in the headliner above the driver’s seat. Bullet remnants were also found.

Surveillance footage from a nearby steakburger restaurant revealed the Chevrolet was missing a hubcap on the front driver’s side and had gray door handles.

After the initial press release on this case, an anonymous caller was able to identify the shooter as 19-year-old Blake Doennig and claimed he was “without a doubt” the Chevrolet HRR operator.

On December 19, officers took Doennig into custody. While in an interview, Doennig said “I did it.” Doennig continued to say he had been “cut off”, became very upset, and followed her to Wendy’s and the additional streets.

Doennig told investigators he had a Smith & Wesson M&P 9MM between his seat and the center console, and while following the woman he grabbed it and shot at her car through the windshield of his own vehicle.

Doennig explained he panicked and drove to his mother’s house where he parked his vehicle. Additionally, Doennig took officers to where he discarded the handgun used, as well as the vehicle,

Court documents said Doennig threw a brick through his windshield to mask the bullet hole and removed the rest of the hubcaps.