SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Republic city council recently approved the zoning for a roughly 91-acre residential and commercial development.

The single-family homes, apartments, and other commercial development will sit off of Highway 60 near Farm Road 101.

Republic says with big companies coming to the area, there needs to be space for people to come in and work.

“I know a lot of people who want to come out this way,” says Republic resident Anne Flores.

Anne Flores moved to the republic from St. Louis three years ago.

“My husband kind of wanted to do something smaller, but not like too small. And when we drove through a republic, we just immediately fell in love,” said Flores.

In just those three years, Flores has noticed a change, but not only in her neighborhood.

“When we moved in, the whole backside, there wasn’t really anything there, and now it’s completely full and they’re starting on a whole another area. So it’s probably going to double in size soon,” said Flores.

“Now there’s more things opening up, there’s more jobs and all those things,” Flores continued.

“You have large employers like Amazon and Convoy of Hope. The more jobs we get, the more homes we need. So all those things kind of feed off each other. And that’s kind of the growth we’re seeing,” said Republic Building Administrator Andrew Nelson.

Developers will build Wilson’s Valley off of West Highway 60 next to Farm Road 101.

“It’s that on our eastern boundary as you go towards Springfield. There’s portions of it that front highway 60. So that makes sense for it to have a commercial feel to it,” said Nelson.

Also near Wilson’s Valley are additional apartments off of Old Stone Avenue.

The city says building more will help it compete with the growing number of people.

“Where I work, a lot of people ask where I live, and when I say Republic, they say, oh, we’ve been looking, but there’s just not too much available. So the idea that there were hopefully more soon is great,” said Flores.

The city is expecting crews to hit the ground in late summer or early fall.