Mo. — Congressman Billy Long is auctioning off the tie that he wore to The State of The Union, and got signed by President Trump, for cancer research at St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

The Southwest Missouri representative was able to get the president’s signature as he was leaving.

Because of ethics rules, Long says he will be letting the National Auctioneer’s Association handle auctioning off the tie.

According to the congressman, raising money for St. Jude is a passion of his.

“Our youngest daughter was sick with cancer five years ago and Hodgkins Lymphoma so you know we thought we were going to lose her, she went through all the treatments she lost all her hair got all her hair back and all those protocols that she went through, those were all developed at St. Jude,” Long said. “So its just kind of a passion for me anytime we can support cancer and cancer research or help St. Jude out I’m going to do it.”

Long also tried to get Nancy Pelosi, the House speaker, to auction off the copy of The State of The Union speech she ripped.

“It just hit me I thought that speech, when she ripped it,” said Long. “Before she ripped it, it was worth 15 cents the paper was written on, after she ripped it, being an auctioneer, I knew it held a lot of intrinsic value so I knew it’d be worth thousands of dollars. I walked up to her and I said Nancy we need to auction that off and she said what do you mean I said we could auction that for charity and you know whatever charity you pick it’d bring in a lot of money and she said no I’m going to keep it for prosperity.”

Long actually auctioned off a Trump-signed tie last year that brought in $15,000 for St. Jude.

He is hoping this year it will go for even more.