REEDS SPRING, Mo. — After voters approved a school bond issue in April, school leaders were able to break ground on a renovation and expansion of the district’s Primary School Friday.

The project includes adding a new wing for additional early childhood classrooms and an enclosure for an outdoor courtyard, which will create more classroom space.

Project rendering courtesy of Reeds Spring schools

“Three years ago we started dreaming, we really started dreaming and putting together a strategic plan, I’ve talked a lot about that in the last three years and the strategic plan is what created the vision,” said Reeds Spring Superintendent Cody Hirschi.

Hirschi said those in need of early childhood care are underserved in the Reeds Spring community.

“We talked to business owners throughout the area, one of their biggest issues is having childcare opportunities for their employees so we have a lot of support in our area,” he said.

Hirschi said he appreciates voters choosing to support the school district in the last two elections. In 2021, it was a tax increase voters said “yes” to, and in 2022, it was the $40 million bond issue that’s paying for this project.

“The quality of a school district is a direct reflection on the community so having a better school system is going to allow more families to want to move into our area so of course the lake and other things draw them in but if our schools aren’t good enough then that’s gonna draw a lot of concern so fortunately, we’re seeing great growth here in our area.”

The $40 million bond will fund a three-phase project. The improvements to the primary school are expected to be finished in 2024. Next, the district will work to build a career center. The final stage is a new park area with tennis courts, trails, and an all-inclusive playground.

Hirschi said in order to renovate the primary school, the district needed another location for the kids to learn. Luckily, he said, the district had just sold the former middle school to a church, which let them use the building during the transition.