SPRINGFIELD, MO. – Last week’s heavy rain is bringing the spotlight back to the issue of flooding in Springfield.

That heavy rain caused parts around the city, like downtown, to flood quickly. 

City leaders said they continue to work on the problem, but it’s going to take more time and funding.

However, projects are in the works.

“When you go through a period like we have experienced this summer without a lot of rain, when you do get rain showers, especially if it’s a lot of rain in a short period of time, the ground is not in a place to accept that rainwater infiltration as much as it normally would,” said Martin Gugel, Assistant Director of Public Works.

He said leaders continue to look for additional grant funding options to address the issue.

“Some of that’s because of flood plains,” said Gugel. “Some of that is because of old infrastructure. We have a lot of storm water needs. We have a lot of things that still need to be done. It’s a matter of funding and time to get them.”

When the potential for heavy rain is there, city crews said they clear debris and leaves to help with drainage.

Downtown business owners said they try to prepare for the potential of flooding as much as they can.

“When there is significant flooding, water does come into the parking lot and can get in the building,” said Paden Stringer, Owner of Royal Barbell and Fitness. “Our drains, as a whole downtown, off the buildings and the sewers, do not drain. A lot of times they get backed up. It’s a bad deal for a lot of businesses downtown.” 

City leaders request people who experience flooding to reach out to the city’s resource center.