SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– Twenty to thirty protesters marched around Park Central Square several times on Friday, June 10, holding signs calling for an end to gun violence and to ban AR-15s.

Folks marching around the Square shouted chants such as, “What do we want, common sense gun laws, when do we want it, now.” After marching, they met back up in the square.

One of the groups partaking in the march included the Springfield chapter of Moms Demand Action. Many were wearing shirts which read “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America” on the back.

One protester OzarksFirst spoke with said despite owning guns, there’s a need for more sensible gun laws.

“I own 19 guns. I don’t own an AK or anything like that, I’m not interested in them. But I understand there are people that do like those kinds of guns. Those guns are designed to handle matter in a military combat killing-type situation.”

Tomorrow, June 11, the March For Our Lives is holding its second annual rally in Washington D.C. in front of the Washington Monument.