OZARK, Mo. — There’s currently a desperate need for volunteers to visit the elderly who are on hospice and don’t have many visitors.

An Ozark hospice company, Preferred Hospice, has started an Adopt a Grandparent campaign.

Volunteer Coordinator, Ann Blake, said it’s easy for older people to be forgotten.

“We just want to make sure we can just scoop them up and love them and make their last days, weeks, months, whatever it is, memorable and enjoyable,” said Blake.

Volunteers of all ages are needed to give back.

“It’s not what like some people may think,” said Blake. “We try to keep it the right perspective, we turn it back around of, no we’re helping them live. We’re going to help them live until they die.”

For Richard Branscum, the program is helping his wife who is on hospice.

“She’s currently bedridden, and I feed her, spoon-feed her,” said Branscum. “I need a break sometimes. Sometimes I need to go to the grocery store and get some supplies.”

Branscum said being a caregiver can be difficult.

That’s why he was glad to get paired with a volunteer to help.

“Got me connected with a nice lady,” said Branscum. “She came and, oh goodness, wonderful. She sat with my wife and they talked.”

Blake said volunteers can do various activities with patients.

“If they were an avid reader, but they don’t see very well anymore, then we’re going to read to them,” said Blake. “If they loved riding horses, then we might bring pictures of horses with us.”

Volunteers, she said, are asked to come to visit at least two times a month.

To sign up for the program, call Preferred Hospice at (417) 581-4968 and ask for Ann.