DOOLITTLE, Mo. – A Phelps County teen is lucky to be alive after surviving a firing crash a few nights ago.

17- year old Justin Wilson told us he was coming home late in the evening when he hit a deer and his vehicle went off the road.

The next thing he remembers was a woman named Meghan and a man pulling him out of the vehicle …

“I remember him telling me that the car was on fire. I hit my head so hard that it didn’t even register to me that the car was on fire. The trees that I knocked down were pinning me in … And
She and another guy helped get me out,” says Wilson.

Wilson was taken to the hospital after the wreck. He has a concussion and his head still hurts, but he says all things considered he is doing alright.

Doolittle fire protection district put a call out on Facebook to find the people who helped Justin out of his car.

They found the man and woman, who checked in with Justin via text to make sure he is doing alright.