SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- Parents across the country are still being affected by the baby formula shortage. Baby formula has been difficult to find on any retailer’s shelf since February.

New mother Candice Hildebrandt lives in Springfield. she says it could be a lot of help to her family.

“I have five-month-old twins and we were in the queue, and we had to start them on some formula,” said Candice. “For those that maybe don’t, or it was worrisome for them, they would go to the store and not have anything on the shelves.”

After four babies who had been feed Abbott’s formula contracted a bacterial infection… and two of them died, the abbot formula plant had been voluntarily shut down for months.

Another disruption hit earlier this summer.

Just two weeks after Abbott restarted production of another formula brand, flooding caused by strong storms closed the Michigan factory in July.

Families have cause for relief now that Similac production WILL resume.

“I’m glad that that’ll be resolved,” said Candice.

The product line won’t start shipping for roughly six weeks. As the company wants to make sure all the machinery was in good operating order before shipping out any formula.