HICKORY COUNTY, Mo.– A formerly licensed dog breeder based in Hickory County is being held in contempt of court after the breeder, who previously was found to be operating without a license and with multiple violations of the Animal Care Facilities Act, was once again found to be committing unlawful acts and violating previous court orders.

Laurie Lund was sued in June 2021 for about 60 violations of the Animal Cares Facility Act including unsanitary facilities and failure to provide proper veterinary care. At the time, Lund was harboring 18 unidentified weaned puppies and failed to report the disposition of 10 puppies including two that had died.

Then, in October 2021, nearly 100 dogs were rescued from Lund’s care by the Humane Society of Missouri. The Attorney General’s Office said they moved to find Lund in contempt of the court’s previous judgment at that time, which was accepted. Lund was ordered to pay $12,000 in fines, seize all dogs remaining on the property except for three pets and ban Lund from ever again being a commercial breeder or dealer or operating a boarding kennel.

“The severe neglect that these poor animals suffered is abhorrent and inexcusable,” HSMO President Kathy Warnick said.

In April 2022, Lund was found to still be harboring animals at her property, and 19 more dogs were seized from an Urbana facility Lund was aiding. Many of the dogs were puppies as young as one week old.

Today, June 28, the court has again ordered the immediate seizure of all dogs from Lund’s property, and the Department of Agriculture has been authorized to inspect her premises without notice up to six times annually. The Attorney General’s Office said nine dogs were taken from Lund’s property following this order.

Lund is also being ordered to pay an additional fine.

“Reckless dog breeders give a bad name to the thousands of dog breeders across Missouri who follow the law, and my Office will continue our work to protect the health and welfare of animals across the state,” Attorney General Eric Schmitt said in a press release.